We are a USA Cycling amateur racing team based in Portland Maine. We have both a men and women's team competing in the disciplines of road, cyclocross and off road racing.

Our team is devoted to the advancement of cycling, the cycling community and it’s supporters. We love our sport for its healthy competitiveness, hard work, team spirit and team support. We are not paid to race. We are professionals, students and business owners in our communities of southern Maine.


First, be dedicated to one's own personal health (mental, emotional and physical alike). Together through weekly training we will talk about proven or new information relative to eating, training and racing to further improve our lifestyle and our performance.

Secondly, be dedicated to the sport of cycling and to the team interests. Through working on our own and training with the team we build a set of sustainable healthy habits. The habits will be transferable to additional cross training disciplines and in healthy living lifestyle choices.

Additionally, though team structure will be an emphasis, a concentration on individuals performance will be a priority. Simply,positive encouragement for every team members individual efforts will always be a focus over the team results.

Sponsoring Tall Sock Racing:

Currently we are seeking additional sponsorship to assist team development in its early stages. With your sponsorship you'll also developing a relationship with the large local community of cycling around you. A community of local professionals and trades people looking to support and energize our local economy. CLICK HERE to learn how to be a Team TSR Sponsor.